Universities Have 2 Great Choices:

    Both programs give you the power to offer laptop registration, security and recovery service to you entire campus all at once. All you do is add a link to our program on your website  and send out an email. Both programs give you up to 9 powerful features to help prevent theft and increase chances of recovery. The basic free program also provides 90 days of tracking service. The deluxe university program gives everyone on your campus 4 years of tracking service..

    Deluxe Version – Get 4 Years of Geo-Location Tracking for each laptop!

    Our most popular university program. Call us at 303.670.8800 to see how it works. Prices are $1 per student or less! Offer 4 years of laptop protection and tracking to your entire campus in minutes. Just set up a link on your website. We program our server to automatically give your students, faculty and even alumni a 4 year tracking license. Then you just send out an email. It’s that simple. See list of University Deluxe Customers already signed up.


    Get Started with Free Basic Security

    If your department is experiencing budget challenges, no problem. We have a Free Basic Laptop Security program to get you started right away. The chart below shows all the features you will receive. You can get started instantly with this program, but before you do, you really should get a quote for your university for our deluxe program. You will be surprised at how inexpensive our deluxe program is.  Tired of laptop theft? We have what you need to help stop laptop theft on campus.  You can get started today.  Click here to learn how to get started with our free basic program..


You Now Have The Power To Protect Every Laptop on Campus Now in Seconds

Completely Free
Call 303.670.8800
Good Samaritan/Security Alert
(80% recovery rate)
Stolen Alert Display
(Helps prevent resale)
Remote Lockdown
(Helps protect your info)
Start-Up Audible Prevention Alert
(Customizable helps prevent theft)
Send Custom Text Message
(Helps with recovery)
Ability to Yell at Thief!
(Tell the thief what you think! customizable)
GeoLocation Tracking
(Clues to location using Google Maps)
90 Days Free
4 Years Free