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Protect your laptop in seconds

Students, Faculty and Alumni can now install FrontDoorSoftware Laptop Loss & Recovery FREE.
Installations include laptop registration, new Talk feature, and 4 years of software tracking service.
Protect your laptop and take advantage of this offer today!

To get free laptop security:

1. Select an INSTALL button below.
2. SAVE then RUN or OPEN the program.
3. IMPORTANT - When creating an account, make sure you use your Portland State University email address (i.e. you@pdx.edu) so the server knows to automatically give you a 4-year free license. Or, if you have a gmail acct, enter PDX as a PROMO CODE when creating a new customer account.
4. RESTART your computer to activate theft recovery tracking.


Track your laptop with Google Maps!

Start Download Free for Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8)
(SAVE to desktop, then find program, then RUN)
Happy Girl Recovered Laptop
Peace of mind in seconds.
1 out of 10 laptops is lost or stolen.
Increase your chances of recovery
from 3% to over 97% today.
Apple LogoStart Download Free for Apple (Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mtn Lion)
(SAVE then OPEN)

Post Installation:

  • Sign in at www.frontdoorsoftware.com and make sure your program states INSTALLED
  • To learn everything about your program in 5 min or less go to Getting Started
  • Use tab above to print your SECURITY LABEL.

www.frontdoorsoftware.com /    303.670.8800   /   techsupport@frontdoorsoftware.com

FrontDoorSoftware Security is a third party vendor of Portland State University. FrontDoorSoftware Security is not affiliated with Portland State University. Portland State University makes no representations or warranties regarding this product. Portland State University does not assume and expressly disclaims any and all liability related to or arising from the use of FrontDoorSoftware Security, including, but not limited to, from damage, injury, loss of property, loss of data, loss of any and all resources, or any negative influence whatsoever, that may result from usage of FrontDoorSoftware Security.