Johns Hopkins University Students, Faculty, Staff  & Alumni
Protect your laptop in seconds

Anyone with a Johns Hopkins related email address can now protect
their laptops with FrontDoorSoftware Laptop Loss & Recovery FREE.

Installations include laptop registration, new talk feature,
and 4 years of software tracking service

Protect your laptop, information, music, emails and pictures for free today.

Any Johns Hopkins Medicine personnel interested in this tool,
should contact his/her IT administrator prior to installation.

GoogleMapTrack Protecting your laptop is easy.Its free and installs in seconds:

  • Select an INSTALL button below
  • IMPORTANT - When creating an account, make sure you use your university email address so the server knows to automatically give you a 4 year free license (i.e.
  • RESTART your computer to activate theft recovery tracking
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Peace of mind in seconds.
1 out of 10 laptops is lost or stolen. 

Increase your chances of recovery 
from 3% to over 95% today.

If your laptop is lost or stolen, you can blast a message to it that states THIS LAPTOP IS REPORTED STOLEN, lock it down from remote to help protect your information, send a text message to the thief, send your own custom talking message to the thief through the laptop, and even get a Google map of its location!
  Protect My Windows Laptop Free
(Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8) (SAVE to Desktop then RUN)
Protect My Apple Laptop Free
(Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mtn Lion) (SAVE then OPEN)



Post FrontDoorSoftware Installation:
  • Sign in to your account and make sure your program states INSTALLED
  • To learn everything about your program in 5 min or less go to Getting Started
  • Use tab above to print SECURITY LABEL.

Join people and organizations creating FrontDoorSoftware accounts in record numbers!happypeoplewithlaptops (1).jpg (106304 bytes)

We are now protecting laptops in over 100 countries. We have had over 6 million customer visits this past year.

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